In case you missed this and are in fact feeling the weird combination of both wanting to kick a football round a field while also having an urge for killing Daedra with your mates then prepare to be satisfied. Both FIFA 17 and The Elder Scrolls Online are having a free weekend! One is already under way while the other will start tomorrow, get on them now and get the best Black Friday deal around, free games!

FIFA 17 will become available on PS4 and Xbox One from tomorrow at 10AM PST / 1PM ET / 6PM GMT til 11:59PM PST on the 27th of November or 2:59AM ET / 7:59AM GMT on the 28th of November. While The Elder Scrolls Online will be available across PS4, Xbox One and PC from, well now, it’s out now and will continue to be so up until 11:59pm ET / 8:59pm ET on the November 27th (4:59am GMT November 28th).

All progress that is made in both games will be saved across to your new one if you decide that you fancy to play these titles longer than this weekend, while it turns out that you’ll even get some bonus currency from the Elder Scrolls Online when you sign up. Neat!

To find out more why not head over to their sites so you can get on it as soon as you can!

The Elder Scrolls Online Link  

FIFA 17 Link

Do you think you’ll give these a whirl? Or are you a die hard PES Fallout fan? Let us know down below!