Round here at GD we’re pretty big fans of Planet Coaster based on our early tinkerings with the game, and the best just keeps getting better with yet another post-launch update.

This time around we’re being treated to a selection of new ride blueprints (practically useless considering the immense number already available in the Steam Workshops), new coaster types, a harder challenge mode for those after a brutal management sandbox, and new shops and facilities.

Along with the content there’s also a swathe of bug and performance improvements heading Planet Coaster’s way. This includes reduced CPU and GPU usage which is a godsend in a game as demanding as Planet Coaster. Stability should also be improved, as if performance while editing terrain.

Planet Coaster v1.0.1

  • New shops/facilities blueprints for all 5 themes
  • New scenery blueprints for all 5 themes
  • New coaster blueprints New blueprints
  • Added a “harder” challenge mode
  • Crash fixes/stability improvements
  • Optimisations

Bug fixes

  • Loading an old park will not reset your custom music
  • Fix black artefacts on HD4000 machines
  • Fix mouse issues on Windows 10 Insider
  • Fix heatmaps when a train falls off the track
  • Fix Priority Pass attendant animation issue
  • Reduced CPU/GPU usage when the game is minimized
  • Excitement, fear and nausea values now appear on coaster blueprints tooltip
  • Tacos icons now appear in Guest Inventories correctly
  • Fixed lights on dark ride in “The Creature Awakens”
  • Allow guests to stand at different heights on raised queues/paths
  • Guests re-equip balloons when leaving rides
  • Fix issue where control rebinding’s were not being reapplied if you cancelled out of a change
  • Fix harness animation on Canyon Runner
  • Star Studded Career achievement fix
  • Guests now enter toilets/first aid centrally rather than clipping into the building
  • Guests with nothing to do leave the park rather than idling on the spot
  • Improved performance when editing terrain around water bodies

QoL improvements

  • Coaster auto-avoid now ignores terrain when auto-tunnelling is selected
  • Clicking a notification will now rotate the camera to focus on the affected facility/exit/entrance
  • Height markers now appear when building downhill more often
  • Community translations now support overriding the games font, allowing support for East Asian languages where characters were previously not included.
  • Escape now exits the main menu

I’ll be sure to hop on and see what the new rides are all about. With any luck the optimisations free up the CPU a little as even with an i7-5820K the frame rate in Planet Coaster can really chug in the larger parks.