I hope you haven’t blown all your cash in the Steam Autumn Sale because no sooner has that finished that GOG.com has turned up with its Monstrous Winter Sale. These seasons don’t half change quickly do they? Should you have left your bank account looking like a shrivelled up prune, expunged of every last penny on scrumptious Steam deals, there is one last hope. For the first 48 hours of the GOG Winter Sale you can get your greedy hands on a totally free game.

Obviously you can’t just pick any old game. It’s the Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition which is up for grabs over on GOG now. It was a pretty fantastic game when I played it god knows how many years ago, and I’m presuming it holds up fairly well. If all else fails then it’s got some absolutely stellar mod support.

"Thanks to the versatility of the Aurora Engine and the game's devoted community, there are tons of cool fan-made mods out there that you can download and enjoy for free," says GOG. "Some take you to entirely different areas, some offer thrilling new adventures, some tweak the game's feel or gameplay, but they all serve to add incredible value to the game and help you customize or prolong your stay in Neverwinter Nights." They’ve also thrown in a ton of links to some of the best mods, so get exploring.

As for the sale itself, well, we can expect hundreds of deals at up to 90% off between now and midnight CET on December 11th. Looking the site there’s some decent rotating bundles, including Build Your Own Stars, EA RPG, or Beamdog. One of the bundles is, for want of a better term, f**king huge. The Mr Odd Collection has a total of 29 games for $213.45, including The Witcher 3, SOMA, Darkest Dungeon, Divinity: Original Sin, both Metro games and Wasteland 2. Basically it’s a few years worth of gaming in one huge package.

Any GOG Winter Sale deals caught your eye? Can you recommend any of your favourite Neverwinter Nights mods? Spill the beans below!

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