I wrote an Up For Debate a month or two ago suggesting the sheer number of Steam of games arriving on Steam was possibly getting a little out of control. New data now available has revealed the number of games launching in 2016 has broken records, with 38% of Steam’s entire 10,000+ game library releasing in the last 12 months.

We’ve still got a full month to go and a staggering 4207 games have launch, equivalent to 13 a day, every day, all year. That’s up from less than 3000 in 2015, and just 565 in 2013. This is excluding all DLC.

It’s a sign of the incredible boom in the popularity of PC gaming, both in terms of developers working on games for the platform and the number of games players are willing to buy.

The downside to all this is it can become incredibly hard for any one game to stand out when 12 others are launching alongside it on any given day. Miss the launch day buzz and the game you’ve been working on for three years could be dead and buried before you know it. Releasing a game has never been easier, yet being noticed has never been harder.

I can look at this data one way and see that Steam has never been healthier, while I can also look at it another and suggest Valve needs to do some serious curation to prevent bloating the store with too many games.

Where do you stand on this matter, is it a case of the more the merrier? Or do you believe should be stricter with the games that can launch on Steam? Let us know!

Source: SteamSpy

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