I spent years of my life annoyed at AMD for being totally negligent with its drivers. We’d spend upwards of six months waiting for something. Anything. Just a sign that things were actually happening behind the big red factory doors of Radeon. And then 2016 happened. Between AMD and Nvidia there were probably a good 50 or so drivers to download, each weighing in at hundreds of megabytes and taking painfully long to install. Usually just as you were sitting down for a nice gaming session.

Suffice to say the graphics card drivers battleground on which Nvidia and AMD have fought has never been more fierce. Nvidia wouldn’t let a AAA release go by without some form of GeForce Game Ready driver, and it wasn’t long until AMD hit back with its own. Now we even get a dedicated day one driver for Obduction, a game which has sold an estimated 55,000 copies.

I can’t be the only one a little bit bored of seeing the driver update notification pop up though. It’s got so much now that I just ignore it, resigned to updating once or month, or perhaps if a really big game I’m looking to buy comes along. Ah the back of my mind is a niggling thought though - what if this next driver makes my performance better is x game?

The problem is exacerbated because there’s been a number of high profile screw ups. GeForce memory has been nuked. Radeon fans have been obliterated. The fans, not the fans. Oh, you know I mean. Games have just stopped working. The old adage ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ certainly applies here.

So it got me thinking, how do you handle your drivers these days? Is it all getting a bit too much? Do you have a tried and trusted driver you’ve never moved on from? Or do you grab the latest versions as soon as they’re out?

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