In the latest of our Rainbow Six Siege Operator breakdowns, we take a look at Rook. Here's everything you need to know to get started with one of Siege's handiest defenders, whose Rhino armor plates can mean the difference between life and death for your entire team.

Rook Profile

Rook is an armored machine. He can take a serious beating before going down, while his Rhino armor kits lend the entire team a helping hand. Unfortunately this means Rook is both extremely slow and loud while moving, making him the perfect Operator for camping in or near the objective.

Unique Ability - R1N Rhino Armor Pack

Rook's armor plating increases the armor rating of any operator that picks it up. He has a total of five Rhino armor plates so every member of a team can pick their own up and use it. Rook is beneficial in that his armor directly aids every player on the team and it's an ability which requires zero maintenance. Just drop the armor packs on the floor at the beginning of a round and reap the rewards.

Rook's armor has a varying effect depending on both the armor rating of who is using it and what area of the body is targeted. A headshot is an instantly kill with any weapon regardless if you are wearing the armor or not. In terms of chest shots it can reduce damage anywhere from 10-40%, while legs and arms can have damage reduced by as much as 70%. What you're doing here is effectively doubling your own time-to-kill, and in the case of the legs and torso you can often take upwards of 10 bullets to your extremities before being downed.

The counter-point to Rook's R1N Rhino Armor Pack is that Attacking Operators tend to have more powerful weapons such as Assault Rifles. This can negate the impact of the armor, particular on Defensive Operators which already have a low armor rating, but in R6: Siege just a single bullet can all too often be the difference between life and death.

If you leave the armor left lying around, the enemy team can pick it up to provide themselves with an additional armor boost.

Rook General Info

Special Forces

French GIGN
Armor Rating3/3 - Medium
Speed Rating1/3 - Medium
Height5'9" (1.75M)
Weight138lbs (63KG)







Rook’s Loadout


  • P90 Submachine Gun
  • MP5 Submachine Gun
  • SG-CQB Shotgun


  • LFP586 Revolver Handgun
  • P9 Handgun


  • Deployable Shield x 1
  • Impact Grenade x 2

Unique Ability

  • R1N Rhino Armor Pack x 1 (enough armor for 5 members)

Recommended Rook Loadout

  • P90 Submachine Gun with ACOG Scope and Extended Barrel
  • LFP586 Revolver Handgun with Laser
  • Gadget: Impact Grenade

Rook P90 Attachments

Rook LFP586 Revolver Attachments

Rook Loadout Tips

Rook is one of very few defensive Operators who can use an ACOG Scope. It's the scope which dictates my weapon choice for Rook, rather than the P90 itself. Not that the P90 SMG is a bad gun however. It was buffed during the Skull Rain mid-season reinforcement, reducing recoil. The P90 is undoubtedly still a hard beast to tame but it packs an unbelievable fire rate and a decent sized clip. 

What elevates the P90 from good to great is that with the ACOG Scope it becomes one of the few weapons capable of countering attackers firing over distance. You will need to pop off headshots to make it count, firing in single rounds or bursts, but in the right hands the P90 can be a surprisingly good long-range killing machine. Couple it with an Extended Barrel for greater damage over longer distances for an even better effect. The Scope also makes it great for Rook to hide in corners and cover long sight lines and doorways. If you do happen to run into an attacker up close, don't be afraid to hip fire. The P90's kickback can prove surprisingly adept at getting you a few 'lucky' headshots.

As for the revolver, the LFP586 packs an absolutely mean punch. Any enemies not on full health will drop in a single shot from this powerful handgun. A slow fire rate and only having six bullets in the chamber are major downsides but it can prove a great tool for taking out the feet of shield carriers.

When it comes to gadgets there isn't a great deal to choose from between the Deployable Shield and the Impact Grenade. Ultimately my personal preference falls on the side of the Impact Grenade. Not so much for its damage dealing capabilities, more so for blowing holes through to open up new angles or escape into side rooms if you find yourself in trouble.

Top Tips for Using Rook

Rook is quite possibly the easiest Operator to use in the entirety of Rainbow Six Siege. Not only that but he's extremely handy to have around so it's a good choice to unlock Rook first if you're a new player.

His Rhino Armor makes everyone on your team more resistant to damage, provided they pick it up. Your one and only task with this armor is to place it down on the floor at the beginning of a round. The quicker you do it, the quicker your team mates can grab it and head off elsewhere. Once it's down, your class specific job is done.

When you place your R1N Armor Pack, ensure it isn't anywhere which is going to obstruct other players. Keep it away from walls which need to be reinforce or blown and make sure it isn't just left out in open in a room a long way from the objective. This can lead to teammates being gunned down as they rush to grab armor after prepping for a round.

Rook has the maximum rating meaning he is extremely resilient to gunfire. However, this means he's also noisy. The only Operators noisier are those equipped with shields. This makes him dangerous and slow to use for roaming. He can still be effective in this position, but their are Operators far better designed for this than Rook.

If you find yourself in a squad with less than five players, destroy your armor once everyone has picked it up. This is because Attackers can actually equip your armor themselves. It's unlikely, but Rainbow Six Siege is a game of tight margins and you don't want to hand your opponents an advantage.


5 / 5

Rook is universally useful and practically impervious to being nerfed. His special ability, while not helpful should you get hit with a headshot, makes all characters noticeably more resistant to damage. The only thing which could make Rook less useful is if SMGs get nerfed, which appears unlikely at this stage.

When should Rook be picked:

There is no team composition in which Rook is a bad pick. His armor is wholly unique, providing additional support for your entire team with little effort on his part. Should the rest of your team be picking characters with low armor ratings, such as Caveira, Jager or Bandit, then Rook's usefulness becomes greater and greater.

In terms of Attacking Operators, Rook is handiest when you know you're competing against Glaz. Glaz's lessened recoil and higher rate of fire makes him a formidable attacker, yet in tight confines Rook's armor turns the tables for just about every defensive Operator.

Rook in Action 

As ever if you've got any tips of your own for playing Rook drop them in the comments section below and I'll be sure to give them a go!

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