It looks as if as part of DOOM’s latest (mammoth) update, Bethesda and id Software have decided to patch out Denuvo anti-tamper DRM. As you’re no doubt aware, Denuvo isn’t too popular with PC players, potentially rendering a game unplayable in certain circumstances.

Users have been analysing the files since and have come to the conclusion it has in all likelihood been removed.

At this point the Denuvo DRM on DOOM has been busted wide open so there seems little point in keeping it in anyway. Hopefully this middle ground can become a bit of a trend; keeping Denuvo for the first few crucial months when the majority of revenue is earned and then patching it out at a later date.

From a user perspective this should help overcome any blips in performance, although DOOM is a fantastically well optimised game anyway. It also future proofs DOOM and means you’ll be able to keep playing it in the future regardless of whether or not Denuvo’s servers are still around.

In addition to stripping the DRM, this DOOM update also adds multiplayer bots and the Infernal Run game mode. This has players battling over a ball and attempting to score in the opponent’s goal. It sounds like Rocket League with chainsaws.

Be prepared for quite a hefty update though, ladies and gents. I’m not sure just how big this download was but my DOOM installation currently sits at an impressive 78GB. Time for a new hard drive I think.