The latest free Rocket League update is out. Rocket League patch 1.25 Starbase ARC is, as you no doubt guessed, sci-fi flavoured, adding in a new map set in the midst of a star battle and playable in Ranked Playlists. That’s not all either, because there’s new map variations, a Custom Training editor tool and Steam Workshop support for custom maps from the PC community.

The two new map variations are Wasteland (Night) and Utopia Coliseum (Snowy) and they’re both available in all playlists. They’re just cosmetic changes but as anyone with an ounce of sense knows, snow levels are the best levels.

I have to say I’m particularly interested in the Arena Preferences and the Steam Workshop support. Liking or Disliking a map affects the chances of whether you’ll have to play it, while Steam Workshop supports means users can build and publish their own custom maps. These won’t be playable on Ranked servers but who knows, perhaps Psyonix might pluck out some of the best.

Surely one of the best supported games in existence right now, how's the new Rocket League update been for you? Got any great ideas for custom maps? Let us know!