Total War: Warhammer Gameplay Video Released of Massive New Wood Elves DLC

Written by Ed SW on Fri, Dec 9, 2016 11:53 AM
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So if you didn’t know, Total War: Warhammer released its latest and “biggest ever” DLC yesterday with the brand spanking new Total War: Warhammer - Realm of The Wood Elves expansion. Luckily for you and us alike, we were also treated to a new trailer to feast our eyes on, featuring a run down of what to expect from this new Wood Elf DLC. This includes the Wood Elves new campaign victory requirement, their new race-specific currency - Amber, new lords (Orion and Durthu), new campaign map, new story campaign and much much more.

The trailer walks us through how the Wood Elves live in harmony in their forest wonder palace, being all tree-hippy-esque until the heart of their civilisation, The Oak Of Ages, catches a cold and needs to be replenished by all the amber our little elfy friends can get their elven mitts on. This being the description of the campaign, we’re set to see Beastmen, Dwarves and Orcs roaming around this new campaign map for definite as the Wood Elves strive for their victory condition of a healthy shrub of ages. See the video below. 

We think this looks awesome and can’t wait to put some time aside and plough through this expansive expansion. Maybe this will be a big enough expansion to shake off Creative Assembly’s less than ambivalent reputation with DLC? Who knows? Tell us what you think of this whole DLC shenanigans in the comments below!

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