It’s not often we get a major update to DOTA 2 from Valve, but after a token batch of teasing it has unveiled DOTA 2 Patch 7.00. This is a mammoth update in the context of DOTA 2, adding in Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. You know, I’m sure I’ve seen him somewhere before.

The Monkey King is the first new hero to be added in an absolute age. He’s a melee character who plays in the carry position, equipped with escape and disable abilities to make him a tricky character for enemy heroes to get a handle on. His Ultimate is Wukong’s Command, blowing a tuft of fur onto the battlefield which summons a battalion of monkey soldiers to fight alongside him.

Changes to DOTA 2 are normally glacial, but this 7.00 update also includes reworked hero talents and a backpack slot for holding three additional items. Talent trees shift things over to be more like the League of Legends or HOTS style, providing specific bonuses at level intervals. As you reach these talents you can branch out to specialise your character. Every level of the skill trees takes you on a unique branch which can’t be undone. That’s probably one of the biggest changes to come to DOTA 2 throughout its entire existence, fundamentally altering how top level play is going to function.

Aside from this there’s some pretty fundamental changes going on to the entire game behind the scenes. DOTA 2’s in-game interface is being totally rebuilt, including increased visibility, new shop controls, new top bar, and a reworked minimap. “With the full re-version of the game interface debut, the optimized map view there are a variety of new ways to help players at a glance the details of each situation in the game,” explained Valve.

DOTA 2’s 7.00 update and the Monkey King are being patched in at some point today.

What are you thoughts on these far reaching changes to the DOTA 2 formula? Are you glad to see it reworked or is Valve messing with perfection?

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