So it’s that time of the year again. The curtain is beginning to close on 2016, but do not dwell, for 2017 is set to be another great year of gaming, especially so for Microsoft exclusives. So let’s throw away the shackles of the old hat that is 2016 and instead look ahead to the best Xbox One games coming out in 2017.

It looks like we could have another great selection of titles coming our way, with a few being pushed back from a release this year. And for those of you that are sick to death of sequel after sequel, we’re looking to have a few new IPs on the scene. Some of which we can’t wait to get our hands on. Bare in mind that all of these title will also be released on Windows 10 as well as Xbox one, because, well, that’s just how Microsoft do.

Sea Of Thieves
Avast there landlubbers. This game has us unbelievably excited. The latest game from one of the developer titans of old, Rare, this game is looking to bring us everything that we could possibly want from a pirate game. Being massively multiplayer and open world, you and a group of friends must take on the role of a pirate crew as you pillage other ships, repair and customise yours, complete quests, drink grog and play the hurdy gurdy. We can’t wait to captain our own ship shenanigans and conquer the high sea in this amazing looking title. All we know at this point is it is set to be released on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows at some point in 2017.

So you might remember this one from our most anticipated Xbox One games of 2016. If you hadn’t guessed, it was pushed back. Set to be released in 2017 (and given the footage we’ve seen it can’t be too far off) this game looks like it’ll be awesome. Take Monster Hunter, with your friends, but then put your monster hunter on a dragon and then fight even BIGGER monsters. How cool does that sound? Answer; very. This game will be awesome.

Crackdown 3
Another title that you might remember from last years list. This title has also been pushed back to 2017, but again we fully believe we’ll see it given the almost ready to go state it currently looks to be in. This game is looking to take all the things great from the last two Crackdowns and then turn the dial up to 11. Featuring completely destructible buildings with real time physics partly hosted by the Microsoft cloud in a massive open world setting, this game is looking to be jaw droppingly good.

State Of Decay 2
Sequel to 2013’s State Of Decay, we can’t wait to get our decomposing teeth into this title as we’ve had a craving for a good zombie survival game for a while now. Featuring co-operative play up to 4 players, you are thrown into a world where humans are constantly on the brink of destruction, where you must band together in the hope to survive. Looks awesome, we’re really looking forward to finding out more about this game and of course playing it in 2017.

This is a title we’re going to have our beady eyes fixed on as it might just be a classic in the making. Set in a world without a sun you will play as a wanderer as you search for a place to call home, a tough task as from what we’ve seen so far, as everything looks pretty grim. People are describing it as a mixture of Kings Quest and DayZ, which to us sounds like a cocktail we want to drink. Having no official release date as of yet, our hunch is that we should be seeing this title at some point in the next year, fingers crossed we’re right.