Here’s a quick one for you that’s come up in the Game Debate world recently. Do you guys play with an FPS counter when playing your favourite titles? Do you enjoy knowing at every moment how you and your rig is coping with the game you’re indulging in? Do you enjoy being able to see the performance so you can tweak your system to get the best out of your system? Or do you think it’s over thinking things and you should just play the game? Let’s hash this one out.

As a bit of backstory, this one’s come about as recently one of us has gotten our hands on a delicious GTX 1060, and it wasn’t until the FPS counter was turned on that we saw that something was amiss, getting nowhere near the performance we expected. That got us talking. Is it worth having one there all the time?

I for instance always play with MSI afterburner overlay on, as it tells me my CPU and GPU usage as well as FPS, allowing me to work out what’s bottlenecking my system at the time (my rig is mediocre at best). But you can also use a program like FRAPs or even just use the Steam overlay to see how well you’re rig is running the titles that are going to kick the living crap out of your rig, for instance like The Witcher III: Wild Hunt.

But maybe you’re a purist, not wanting your screen to be clogged up with all these numbers. I mean you’ve got the PC you’ve got in order to enjoy the nicest experience you can, Jon is of that mind exactly. Surely you don’t want unsightly high contrast digits all over the place?

So lay it on us. Are you a purist, believing that if the game is running poorly you’ll know regardless of a counter? Or perhaps a tech head that want to know every last bit of info you can about your system? Or maybe you’re in between, only needing the counter when you feel it’s necessary? Let us know in the comments below!

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