So for this festive UFD we’ve decided to not focus on the new, as often happens at Christmas, but rather focus on the games from yesteryear. We want to hear from you guys some of the best mods for old games that you can think of. Mods that give a completely new leash of life with the right tweaks from the diligent modding community. We want to hear about the mods that may revolutionised the game at the time and make it worth a revisit even now. Let’s get into our picks for the best mods for PC games of old!

So let’s get into some of our favourite mods of times gone by. For instance, Morrowind, the amount of mods you can get for this title are amazing. It’s almost like it was a great game or something. You can get it in the Oblivion engine with Morroblivion. You can get it in the Skyrim engine with Skywind. Or you can keep it in its own engine and get it looking bloody fantastic with mods like the Morrowind Overhaul. There’s so much choice if you want to relive the classic.

Or let’s look at some of the older Total War titles. The Great War mod for Napoleon: Total War is absolutely amazing and has us at GD pining for the next official Total War to take us there. While Third Age: Total War, a game that we have sank an ungodly amount of hours into, is a masterpiece and makes Medieval II: Total War even more playable than it already is. While it should be noted, that both of these mods were effectively entire games in themselves. Historical battles, full campaigns, the lot!

Or maybe let’s look at Valve for a second. Half Life 2 has seen some amazing mods over the years. To name a few (and we mean a few, there is an ungodly amount) you’ve got Insurgency, Zombie Panic, Black Mesa, The Stanley Parable… the list goes on. These titles were so good they mostly got their own games!

While to finish off, the mods don’t even have to be out yet. Fallout New Vegas for instance is still getting modded as we speak. Take The Frontier for instance, a truly staggeringly huge mod, effectively the same size as the original game and one we can’t wait to get our hands on, there’s drivable cars for Christ's sake! Or Project Reality for Battlefield 2, who are still updating even now making it as realistic experience as they possibly can… for an 11 year old game!

So there you have it, there’s some mods we’ve loved over the years. Now the camera is on you guys. What mods are some of your favourites? Which mods bring life to an old classic most? Which mods are you playing right now? Let us know down below!