So here’s a debate that this site was effectively founded on. What graphics preset (generally speaking) is the one that you’re happy with? Are you the type of guy that has to have every game that you play running at 60fps on Ultra? Or are you happy if you can play it at medium settings at 30 fps? Or better yet, are you more happy with 60fps at medium or 30 fps at ultra? Let’s take a knee and talk this one out.

So chances are you found this site pursuing the very topic we’re debating today. What preset can your rig run a certain game on being one of the most asked questions we face here. So let’s finally find out, what are you happy with?

We can’t think of anyone that would say no to 60fps on very high settings, but are you one of those people that not getting performance that high niggles at the back of your head every time you play a game? Are you constantly chasing new hardware to get this golden prize of performance?

Or are you more of a realist? Happy to sit at medium settings as long as it doesn’t hurt your eyes. If the fps is better at medium, then why push for ultra? Heck as long as low doesn’t make your eyes bleed what's the problem with that? Is it worth buying a £300 graphics card for?

So tell us what you think. Are you the medium settings, average Joe kinda guy? Or are you the pinnacle of the PC master race, angry at anything below 60fps when running The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt on ultra? Let us know your stance in the comment section below!