Merry Boxing Day to you all! How are you feeling? Slightly hung over? Full to the rafters with turkey and Christmas pud? Surrounded by wrapping paper piled to the height of a small child? Well, grab some nog, lean back in your arm chair, let out a puddingy burp and let us know what you got on this happiest of holidays.

Did you get that game you were hankering for? Maybe that extra little bit tech you’ve been rubbing your hands over for weeks. Nothing says Christmas more than a brand spanking new GPU here at Game Debate. Or a festively themed AMD CPU, their colour is red after all, the merriest coloured CPU manufacturer you could hope for. Why not hang some from your tree?

But maybe you’ve gone the other way and treated yourself, got yourself the gift you were really after. You are the perfect person to buy presents for. Only you will truly know the exact variant of the XFX RX480 that you crave. It’s the one present you can be sure you don’t need a receipt for. Is that the kind of Christmas you’ve had?

Or has it been a slightly disappointing Xmas. Did you get a pile of socks and a Pentium 4? Or perhaps your gran got you a GPU with an AGP slot? Did the man say at the store that they were all the rage? Tell us your tales of woe and be reconciled by the amazing GD community.

Regardless of however your Xmas day went, we’re all slightly pointy ears. Sit round the fire, open a bottle of port to wash down the nog and let’s rejoice to our lord and saviour, Father Christmas, by telling tales of what goodies we got in 2016. Let us know down below and again, Merry boxing Day and Happy Holidays from us at GD!