So this one has had us going back down memory lane for a good few hours. Today we pose to you the question of: which game’s graphics and experience blew you away most when you first saw them? We’re not talking brand spanking new either, can be from anytime really, if you saw the first ever polygon and were like “Wooooah duuuude!” then we’re dying to hear. They don’t even have to be good for the time, we’re going in personal with this one. So let’s give you a rundown of a few we were blown away by.

Take Jon for instance. He can think of four games off the top of his head spanning a pretty vast time period. For instance on the newer side of things, he was blown away by how crisp and detailed Rayman Legends was, while also, despite the bugs that he faced, he thought that Assassin’s Creed Unity was breathtaking. So much so that he thinks they’ve reeled in the graphics since. Yet at the other end of the spectrum he was just as blown away by Yoshi’s Island on the SNES and the gaming masterpiece that was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, at the time convinced that games couldn’t physically look any better. He has now retracted that statement.

I (Ed - master of the bracket intros) remember the first time I saw Super Smash Bros: Melee, in a Gamestation store. Having only experienced N64 up until that point, seeing the faces so smooth and polygon free literally blew me away. I physically couldn’t comprehend being able to get more detail in at that point as there didn’t seem to be any missed. I get it now though. While on the newer side of things, last year’s Star Wars: Battlefront mashed my face off when I played the Beta. Having been a long time since I’d seen a new triple A game at the time it had me gobsmacked at almost every turn, the footprints in the snow for instance blew my mind for about 30 minutes, following them to see where they went. I wasn’t a key player in the early days. While as a quick third entry, Windwaker had me mesmerised throughout, naysayers at the time ate their words because that game was bloody beautiful.

A moment that’s stuck in Felix’s head is the grand entrance into Fallout 4. He was hand on heart truly immersed as the vault began to unlock, the music accompanying it throbbing at his ears drums as he faced the wonder of what he might face as his players eyes became accustomed to the light. Something that anyone who loved Fallout 4 can relate to.

So there’s some from us, give us some of your most beautiful gaming moments. Tell us the story. Set the scene. Use… adjectives. Let us know down below!