Where will the next Total war be set? Ever since we heard that the next Total War will be set in an entirely new, unseen, real time period, our minds here at GD have been whizzing with the possibilities of what could be in stall for us in the next strategic outing of Total War. We thought how better to release some of our ideas and dreams than to put it to you, our lovable community, to see what you think and better yet - what you hope we will see from the upcoming Total War. Let’s lay out some of the places we think are possible…

So let’s start off with crossing out the places that this title could be set. Feudal Japan, that’s gone, as is Japan in the 16th and 19th Century. The Medieval era was lost to Medieval II: Total, the Dark ages to Total War: Attila, the Roman at its peak to, of course, Total War: Rome and Rome II: Total War (why the Total War switched sides, we’re not sure). While the 18th century and early 19th century have been covered by Empire: Total War and Napoleon: Total War, with a dabble being had with native American tribes. Quite a wide spanning series as you can see, with we’re sure some expansions knocking off other periods in there somewhere. But so where does that leave us?

Well let’s look at the periods that could be interesting that haven’t been covered in any form. First off, one that jumps out at us is the Age of The Warring States in China, set long before anything we’ve seen before around the time our mate Sun Tzu was banging about, with the period starting around 500BC and not ending until 221BC. This era features 8 warring states all battling fiercely to gain dominion, can you think of a Total War setup so perfectly matched to the series?

Another period that could be feasible is that around the early 17th century late 16th in Europe and beyond. You’ve got the English Civil War kicking off, the Spanish Armada is floating about and conquistadors heading off to the new world. There’s a lot you could get stuck into with a Total War game.

Or maybe, this is the one we’ve thought about most as a possibility, the Victorian period. Late 19th century going into early 20th century. You’ve got the Empire at it’s peak, the land grab that was the colonisation of Africa and maybe, just maybe, The Great War on the horizon. WW1 is a hot topic with some saying it would work and some saying it wouldn’t. It is true that tactics did change drastically during this period but then if you’ve ever played the Napoleon: Total War mod, you know it could be done, but would it still be a Total War game?

But then again it could be none of these. It could be (as Jon hopes) set in the time of the dinosaurs with “the people that were about then” fighting off hordes of “t-rexs and mammoths with muskets.”

Who can tell at this point, the only thing we can tell is one of the above isn’t as likely as the others. But give us your thoughts, they sustain us. Where do you think it could be set? Perhaps Genghis Khan? Or maybe the Bronze Age with ancient Egypt? Or even Total War: Gettysburg? Let us know in the comments!

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