What did you say about my mum?! Grab your pads lads as we’re gonna mess you up. Debate us, one on one. Which is the best fighting game yeah?! Which is the most brutal yeah?! Which is most fairly balanced yeah?! Which one affects our self esteem most causing us to be overtly aggressive yeah?! Let bash this one out, royal rumble style. Square go like.

So what have we got. We’ll throw the first punches. We’ve got the Nintendo character bonanza that is Super Smash Bros. On the other side of the coin we’ve got the original Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale (where’d they get that idea from). We’ve got crazy hairstyles and fighting jaguars with Tekken. We’ve got beating the crap out of a car with Street Fighter. We’ve got inter universe mayhem with Marvel vs. Capcom. We’ve got all the DC comics you could shake a stick at with Injustice. We’ve got more weapons than Snake has in his leotard with SoulCalibur. We’ve got the spine ripping brutality that is Mortal Combat. We’ve got even crazier hair and screaming galore with Dragon Ball Z. We’ve got… a lot to choose from.

We could do this all day. But then where would be the fun of finding out other titles that you guys love? What’s your favourite fighting game and why? What is it about it that makes you want to sink hours into it to learn that perfect combo? What makes you feel like the biggest badass when you beat the living crap out of your mates on it? Mess us up old school with your thoughts and opinions in the comment below!