So here’s a topic that’s probably been on your mind if you’ve been looking to beef up your PC without breaking the bank. Which is the best budget card to buy? Is it better to buy a newly released budget card, like the AMD Radeon RX 460, Nvidia GTX 1050 or GTX 1050 Ti or is it better to scour Ebay, Gumtree and Craigslist and try and pick yourself up a preloved card from a generation or two ago for a much cheaper price than when they were first released. This is quite a big one to consider as the same amount of money can mean very different levels of performance, but is getting a second hand card worth the risk? Let’s work this one out for once and all.

So this decision will stay with you as long as the GPU does and if you’re building a budget PC it probably means you’re not able to upgrade your PC on the regs. So, which one do you go for? There can be counter arguments for both.

Take second hand cards for instance. If you hold out long enough you have a pretty good chance of grabbing yourself an absolute bargain. Working in pounds (as it is the second hand market we’re accustomed to) we’ve seen R9 290Xs, the flagship of two generations ago, sell for as little as £160. For the price of a GTX 1050 Ti you could get a card that is comparable to a GTX 980. Or take an the R9 270X, a card that is easy to pick up for £70 and is just as good as the RX 460 in a lot of games, a card that costs almost twice the price. And that’s just prices on average, if you scour you can pick up some screamers, we’ve got a R9 270X for as little as £50. Why would you fork out all that extra cash for so little gain?

So where’s the catch? Well there has to be a catch for the same performance for half the price doesn’t there? Well, firstly there’s is pretty much no chance of a warranty. If you buy 2nd hand and it breaks, you gonna have to eat a whole bowl of tough titties. While also, manufacturer support will already be likely on its way out, with the manufacturer steam train blasting on through to the future. Surely buying a card that’s at the forefront of technology will likely last you longer and will be worth the extra money?

Well, that’s the question ain’t it, which is the better? Which one would you go for? Have you managed to grab some bargains? Or are you a naysayer on the risk? Let us have it in the comments below and let’s finally work this one out for good.

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