Depending on what side of the fence you fall on, you could say Frontier’s development and support of Planet Coaster since its launch last month has been second to none. Or you could claim the coaster park management sim has crept in as Early Access in disguise. Whatever the case, Planet Coaster’s free Winter Update looks like a heaping great slice of awesome, adding in festive themed rides, themed park decorations, a snow biome and more.

Naturally Planet Coaster fans are probably most interested in new rollercoasters, and we’re getting one this winter update. Bumpin’ Derby I believe is a Derby Racer style old-school wooden racing rollercoaster; two coasters running side by side along a bumpy track.

This is joined by Collider, a retro ride with 20 spaceship gondolas swinging on a horizontal Ferris Wheel. Sleigh Ride sounds like an appropriately festive transport while Iron Horse is, er, I’m not sure actually. Possibly something motorbike themed is my best bets.

Then there’s seven new shops, including Cosmic Cow Ice Cream, Gulpee Soda, Missy Good Donuts, Pipshot Smoothie Bar and Pizza Pen.

Lastly, all the Christmas bits and bobs. This factors in a snow biome, snow scenery (including snowmen), gingerbread wall set, winter scenery, and the Festive King Coaster. Campaign fans will also probably be pleased by the sight of Festive King Coaster’s Crackers, a new scenario offering up a total of nine new challenges.

That’s one heck of a free update from the looks of it, so I’m certainly interested in booting up Planet Coaster over the holidays and seeing how it’s all shaping up now.