2016 has been a fantastic year for games, but there’s still one or two disappointments lurking in it, at least for me. It’s probably our own fault, getting hyped beyond belief only to be let down, but it’s never a good feeling to wait years for a game only for it not live up to your expectations.

So this isn’t necessarily your worst game of the year, but the game that let you down the most.

My personal choice is Battlefield 1. After the reveal trailer I was beyond hyped. This was Battlefield returning to its roots. Or so I thought. What we got was a good online shooter. Nothing more, nothing less. I’d hoped for brutal trench warfare, tactical combat, teamwork, and people playing their classes. In the end it’s a run and gun shooter that has squads tearing from point to point in a merry-go-round of destruction, with practically zero teamwork and cohesion. It’s fun to pop on occasionally, but it’s most definitely not the all-consuming multiplayer experience I’d hoped it would be, not when FPS multiplayer has done so much better elsewhere.

That’s mine then, although I’m sure plenty of your will disagree. Over to you, in this ever-so-slightly-miserable Up For Debate, what was your biggest gaming disappointment of the year?