I was taking a glance at my Steam Wishlist the other day and I realised it had got a bit out of control. Anything I’m remotely interested in I’d idly clicked on, telling myself that one day, when the price was right, I’d buy it. Which is the sorry reason why my Wishlist currently sits at an (I believe) impressive total£1,210.35, spread 57 games. One of which is Ace of Seafood, whatever that is. That’s after a major trim down as well.

Steam Wishlists, if you aren’t familiar, let you tag any game on Steam which you’re interested in buying. It’s a little reminded for yourself that there’s a particular game you’re interested in, and you can also get notified when it goes on sale. Developers can also track how many times a game is wishlisted, getting a decent estimate of who would be willing to buy a game if they introduced a steep discount. The benefits for Valve are obvious, but I still can’t help adding dozens upon dozens of games to it.

With all these games we all want, how do you keep your Steam Wishlist organised? Are you keeping it extremely trim with just the games you’re sure you’re going to buy? Or do you add just about anything you’ve got a passing interest in? Every couple of months I like to do a cull as I’ve often added a few games I’m really not sure about. Usually that good work is ruined when I click through a friend’s Wishlist and add about a dozen games though.

So how many games are on your Steam Wishlist? And how much would it cost you to buy them all? Let us know!

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