It seems everybody loves T-Bone. Or, Ubisoft does at least. It wasn’t enough he got his own expansion for the original Watch Dogs; he’s back in January in the first DLC for Watch Dogs 2. It was originally due this year but it got delayed to January 24th. In the meantime we’ve got the first trailer for the Raymond ‘T-Bone’ Kenney DLC, which includes some sort of killer bus with a digger attached to the front, or “T-Bone’s Customised War Machine’ as Ubisoft puts it.

The T-Bone DLC also includes the new Grenadier enemy type and a co-op challenge called Mayhem. It sounds a little bit light on content to be brutally honest, so tread carefully if you’re thinking about picking it up.

The T-Bone DLC pack is apparently out now for PlayStation 4 owners, but Xbox One and PC players will have to wait until January 24th, 2017.