The team behind the game-changing Long War mod for XCOM has announced it’s working on a sequel for XCOM 2. Officially announced by Firaxis, the Long War Studios team has been brought in under its wing under the new name of Pavonis Interactive.

“The team has been working on something ambitious”, said Firaxis. “We’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks so stay tuned.”

The original Long War mod for XCOM made literally hundreds of changes, ramping up the vanilla game with an extended campaign, larger battles, stacks of new glasses, new weapons, deeper systems and heaps more. It became the definitive way to play XCOM. The prospect of a sequel is tasty to say the least, although improving on the imperious XCOM 2 is a daunting prospect.

We saw at XCOM 2’s launch that there was a partnership struck up between Firaxis and Long War Studios, but it’s certainly fascinating to see this being taken a step further. Pavonis Interactive has essentially become a second-party Firaxis studio, turning out (hopefully) top quality mod content.

More details on Long War 2 for XCOM 2 should be coming soon, so stay tuned.