UK retailer has become the first outlet to break ranks and reveal potential pricing for the Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders went live on Friday afternoon, letting customers guarantee a console for launch delivery. Within the hour it seems stock ran out as it’s now no longer available to pre-order.

GameSeek has set the price at £198.50 and also claims the Nintendo Switch will be shipping on March 17th - 67 days away. This suggests we’re looking at a £199 RRP in the UK and likely $249 in the US.

What sets this price apart from other store listings is not just how low it is compared to the rest, but also GameSeek’s ‘Pre-Order Price Guarantee’. If the price of the Switch goes up between now and launch, you still get the console for the cheaper price advertised here. This suggests GameSeek has some degree of confidence in this price point and it's also the first retailer to nail down an exact date in March for the launch of the console.

Where do you stand on the £199 price point? Is it the right price point to make the Switch a success? Or is Nintendo skimping on the hardware? Let us know what you think!