Choice is good. It’s why we’re PC gamers. We want the the games we want, running the way we want, on the hardware we want. Dropping frames? Slot in a new graphics card. Playing a racing game? Plug in a steering wheel. Want to wirelessly play your PC from your living room? You’ve got it covered. PC gaming is the complete package.

Which makes it all sound a little churlish to complain about the worst PC graphics options, but we love a good moan. At the end of the day there are some absolute stinkers. Strange graphics options which you cannot fathom why the developers left in. Chromatic aberration, anyone? Motion blur? Now you see where I’m coming from. The sort of graphics settings which make you feel like you’re going through a carwash backwards. While you’re strapped to the sunroof. These grim additions become even more pronounced when you strap on a headset and head into the weird and wonderful world of virtual reality.

For me it has to be Bloom. I mean, what the heck was everyone thinking. It became all the rage around about 2007-2008 and basically every game under the sun decided to crowbar the feature into an obscene degree. Walking out of a door shouldn’t make you feel like you’re going blind. And don’t get me started on Oblivion. Everyone’s armour looked like it was channeling the sun gods, beaming their power directly into your fragile eyeballs. I mean, look at it! Have some decency Bethesda.

Now I’ve got that off my chest, I’d love to know which graphics settings force you to immediately head to the video options and disable as soon as you boot a game up? Do you detest Nvidia Gameworks features? Is HBAO too demanding for your tastes? Let us know!