Namco Bandai's track record for porting its games over to PC has been great as of late. They might not always be the highest quality ports but at least we get the games. Tales of the Berseria is latest in the long-running Tales JRPG series. The 16th entry in total, expect upwards of 50 hours of gameplay with heaps of dungeon crawling and stat twiddling. We took a look at the newly released PC demo to see just how this port performs.

Tales of Berseria System Requirements

Tales of Berseria PC Port Performance - Benchmarked on AMD Radeon R9 380

As soon as I saw Tales of Berseria I knew it would be simple to run. This is a game which is also launching for PlayStation 3, so the visuals are kept understandably simple.

I booted up Tales of Berseria and played it with a 2GB Radeon R9 380 at 1080p / Ultra, finding a rock solid 60 frames per second with zero frame rate drops. It runs ToB with ease, which is understandable considering the minimum GPU is an ancient Radeon HD 4850.

I then tried to use AMD DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) to bump up to 4K. Unfortunately, with DSR enabled, the Tales of Berseria demo become unresponsive to keyboard presses. This meant I couldn't apply higher resolutions or change the graphics settings until I turned DSR off. Not sure what's going on there but hopefully it's an issue which can be fixed.

Aside from this Tales of Berseria ran great. It looks clean and simple, and overall it's typical JRPG fare. One thing I will say is that keyboard and mouse support in Tales of Berseria is terrible, in particular the mouse. By default mouse movement is hyper sensitive and it feels as if there's some mouse acceleration at work. There are no in-game options to change this. Playing Tales of Berseria with a gamepad was much better.

One final thing of note - Tales of Berseria has a 60 frames per second frame rate cap. Expect this to be busted open in due course, although it may potentially have an adverse effect on gameplay if animations are tied to frame rate.

Tales of Berseria Low vs Ultra Graphics Comparison


Tales of Berseria is coming to PC and PlayStation 4 on January 26th.