Here at GD, we’re all interested in two core things which are probably pretty obvious as soon as you poke around the site - Gaming (in particular PC) and the related gaming hardware.

The two are obviously distinct from one another but the real excitement is to be found when the two intertwine. Games which really push the boundaries of graphics hardware, or new technology and peripherals which could open the door to entire new ways of playing.

So while it’s easy to be excited about the prospect of Cyberpunk 2077 or Mass Effect Andromeda, there’s just as to love about what Vega, Cannon Lake or Volta could bring to the table. Likewise, sometimes there’s nothing better than checking out an in-depth review of the latest gaming mouse, headset or even case.

Me personally I'm all about the games, however the hardware really comes into its own when it opens up entirely new avenues. A graphics card refresh with 10% FPS gain offers me little, yet virtual reality or something like the Switch opens up doors to new experiences which we could never have before.

But out of these two, which are you more interested in reading about? Do you feverishly crave gaming news? Or is the beastly hardware used to power these gaming beauties just as, if not more important?

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