Ubisoft has dropped a major performance update for Watch Dogs 2, tackling a number of issues and optimising performance to ensure higher frame rates for PC players.

Those of you with limited RAM will be pleased to note this update optimises RAM usage, improving Watch Dogs 2 PC performance on systems with a lot amount of RAM. The current minimum memory requirement for Watch Dogs 2 is 6GB, so there may even be a chance 4GB systems can now run it.

The Screenspace Reflections have also been optimized, as well as adding two additional presets (Medium and High) for those who want to fine-tune it a little more. In our Watch Dogs 2 graphics options performance breakdown we found SS Reflections to be one of the more demanding options, particularly when near a water surface or when it was running. It could impact frame rate by as much as 18.32%.

Next up is the San Francisco Fog graphics setting. The algorithm used to generated this has been improved, meaning a bump in performance. San Francisco Fog could cause an incredible 45% drop in frames per second while running in Ultra compared to turning it off. Hopefully this drastically improves that.

Last but not least in terms of Watch Dogs 2 performance, the Pixel Density slider has now had its maximum value increased. This was capped at 1.25 but you can now push it all the way up to 1.5. Increasing pixel density absolutely tanks your frame rate in WD2 so only set it to 1.5 if you have an extremely powerful graphics card.

Rest of the Patch Notes for Watch Dogs 2 PC Title Update 1.09

Sound – We have added a Music Volume slider.

• Controller – Added support for the newer DualShock 4 controllers (ZCT2U models).

• YourBoySerge Nerf – This .50 Cal sniper rifle has been the subject of some debate in the community, and is considered to be overpowered in online play. In this patch, we’ve reduced the number of rounds in the magazine from 6 to 1, and we will continue to monitor and balance this beasty rifle.

• Fixed various minor issues with flickering.

• Fixed various minor issues with incorrect window modes behavior.

• Fixed various minor issues with the UI and text.

Watch Dogs update 1.09 should be available to download on Steam and Uplay right now.

Are you noticing any major performance changes with this update? Let us know below!