A first-party Microsoft strategy game designed with console gamers in mind doesn't exactly sound like a recipe for success when it comes to Halo Wars 2, but when you take a moment to consider it's Total War developer Creative Assembly pulling the strings it becomes a lot easier to get excited. Not only do CA excel at delivering top-tier RTS games, they also have a knack for the graphically spectacular. Halo Wars 2 is a Windows Store exclusive packing DirectX 12 support and all the latest visual bells and whistles. Here's allo the video options and graphics settings so you can see precisely what can be tweaked.

Halo Wars 2 Basic Video Settings

Halo Wars 2 Advanced Video Settings


  • Always show hitpoint bars
  • Fullscreen
  • Resolution
  • V-Sync interval
  • Level of Detail
  • Texture filtering
  • Texture quality
  • Anti aliasing
  • Shadow map resolution
  • Foliage Quality
  • Terrain Quality
  • Ambient occlusion
  • Cloud shadows
  • Particle shadows
  • Particle lights
  • Screen space reflections

It's a case of the usual suspects all around when it comes to Halo Wars 2 advanced video options. We weren't expecting a huge deal in truth, being a real-time strategy game, but this is Creative Assembly we're talking about.

There's nothing in particular out of the ordinary here, although a special mention to the resolution options. Rather than opt for the normal presets, Halo Wars 2 takes your native resolution as 100% and then offers 5% increments up and down from there. It means you do get odd resolutions like 1632 x 918, however it does give you finer control over your performance.

A lot of these settings don't actually make a great deal of difference when viewed at a distance, however effects like particle shadows and lights do look extremely effective during battle scenes.

As for what cranking all of these settings up to the max in Halo Wars 2 will get you, we've got some graphics comparison sliders coming up later today showing low vs ultra graphics settings in Halo Wars 2.