There’s a heck of a lot of peripherals you can bolt onto your PC, yet none are arguably more important than the humble mouse and keyboard. The keyboard is basically as old as the personal computer itself, while the commercial mouse has been around since those before those first, hazy days when we were learning to play Solitaire.

Without this pair we’d be royally screwed on PC, and they both contribute to entire genres which are only possible on PC because these two peripherals exist. Real-time strategy games. Simulators. MOBAs. Arena shooters. Heck, even just the act of browsing the internet to read this.

They’re absolutely crucial to PC gaming then, which makes picking which one to use even more important. There is no ultimate mouse or keyboard however. What is fantastic for one is terrible for another. Some use trackballs, others love wireless.

For me currently, I’m a bit of an oddity in that I’m one of three people on the planet using a Razer Turret keyboard and mouse combo. It’s a wireless lapboard type affair which is pretty great if you want to hook your PC up to the telly. Up until recently I was living in a tiny flat with no room for a desk, so this was basically my only option, although I think I’m ready for an upgrade now. The actual mousemat part of it is tiny and doesn’t lend itself well to competitive play.

So when it comes to these often overlooked and yet crucially important parts of PC gaming, what are you currently rocking? Do you go for the premium mouse and keyboard experience? Are you all about comfort, value, or the sheer number of functions that can be crammed on? Let us know!