Ubisoft has pushed out a teaser for Rainbow Six Siege’s next content drop. Rainbow Six Siege - Operation Velvet Shell is the first of the planned content for Year Two, dropping counter-terrorist forces into a hectic battle on the sunny beaches of Ibiza, Spain.

Set atop a craggy rock face, the Coastline map features a nightclub and bar at its centre, looking down onto a beach below, The circular map has been designed to allow a flow of combat around its core. By day it’s a hazy day at the beach, yet by night it’s the neon glow of club nights.

It’s just a teaser for now, sadly, and no info on the upcoming pair of Spanish operators. Ubisoft has said we can expect to see a full reveal during the Six Invitational, a pro tournament running from February 3rd through to 5th.

A little further afield, Ubisoft confirmed the remaining content of Rainbow Six Siege Year Two will feature new maps and operators from Hong Kong, Poland and South Korea. In total we’re looking at four new maps and eight new operators, along with the all the other assorted cosmetic bits and bobs Ubisoft uses to turn a profit.

As with all previous DLC, Operation Velvet Shell will be totally free of charge. The new operators will take some time to earn however, setting you back 25,000 Renown (Siege’s in-game currency). It usually takes me about 20 hours play, give or take, to earn enough to unlock one of the DLC Operators.