By now I’d imagine a good chunk of you have had some time to get to grips with For Honor’s ‘closed’ beta. Considering everyone who got selected was also able to invite three other players to join them, it perhaps isn’t quite the exclusive club Ubisoft would try and have you believe. Nevertheless we’ve had a few days hacking and slashing fun, getting to grips with Ubisoft’s next stab at a persistently supported online game.

Hack n slash fun

First things first and the combat is, to its credit, quite a lot of pick up and play fun. Essentially it boils down to Simon Says with a twists and wrinkles but For Honor looks good enough that it can stay quite interesting regardless of how much you’re just painting the numbers. My main worry is I can already feel of twinge of tiredness in its combat, as if I’ve seen the majority of what it has to offer already. Can anything left to show still truly surprise us?

Visual upgrade

I haven’t seen much talk of this but I’ve been really impressed by both For Honor’s visuals and its performance. Contrary to the usual Ubisoft downgrade controversies, For Honor actually seems to look upgraded every time we see it. For Honor really is the best looking game of its ilk yet, and it would be the perfect fit for a proper, extensive campaign.

Long term success

I do have a number of other bugbears though, and first and foremost I do certainly worry For Honor hasn’t got the legs to still be a popular thing this time next year. There’s no doubt Ubisoft’s aim is for For Honor to pull a Rainbow Six Siege and remain evergreen for years to come, yet there just doesn’t seem to be enough depth and variety at this point to make For Honor a long-haul success.

Connection woes

Lastly there's the issue with the always online connection. While the vast majority of people are going to be playing For Honor competitively, it’s still frustrating that the entire game depends on your net connection. It’s just like Steep in this respect; should you lose your connection for a moment you’re unceremoniously booted to the menu with an error message. Consider as well that Ubisoft doesn’t exactly have the best server support in the business (Siege still has server and matchmaking issues to this day) and you can see how this might be a problem with For Honor, particularly on or around launch day when it’s at its busiest.

Ubisoft also has a bad habit for its entire online service to go on the blink. The launch of The Division meant Rainbow Six Siege went down intermittently for days due to the influx of players.

So over to you then, what do you make of what you’ve played/seen of the For Honor closed beta? Is this going to be a game you’re picking up at launch? Let us know!

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