Ubisoft has teased the first of two new Operators set to come to Rainbow Six Siege. Ryad Ramirez Al-Hassar, or the ‘Jackal’, is a new attacking Operator from the Spanish G.E.O. special forces. His special ability looks like a roamer’s nightmare. It’s finally time for Pulse and Caveira to watch their backs.

As you can see in the trailer below, Jackal has a head attachment which allows him to see enemy Operator footprints. This allows him to track defenders movements and potentially flip the tables on those looking to flank attackers or lurk in dark corners.

From the footage it’s a bit difficult to tell whether this ability is going to be IQ-style and only allow you to use a sidearm at the same time, or whether you can turn it on and use it with any weapon. If it’s the former this would certainly limit Jackal’s potential as you’d be seriously outgunned should you actually track an enemy down.

We’ll have to wait on further info on Jackal to really drill down into his ability because the potential for the meta to shift here is pretty mind-blowing. Not only could he be a roamer’s worst nightmare, but the enemy team could in fact use their footprints to purposefully lead Jackal (and potentially the entire squad) into deadly traps.

Ubisot has said we’ll be seeing plenty more of both the Jackal and the other, unannounced Operator, during a livestream at the Six Invitational which runs from February 3rd to 5th.