Yesterday we brought you five console exclusives which will almost assuredly end up being ported to PC. Publisher support continues to get stronger and stronger for PC even if we do have to occasionally wait a while. Thankfully it will all be worth it should these following five further gems be ported to PC.

6 - Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

The second Final Fantasy game on this list, Final Fantasy XII HD on PC would fill one of the few remaining gaps the series has left on Steam. Final Fantasy XII HD is coming to PS4 sometime in 2017. Based on previous remasters we can expect a PC version to be announced within 12 months of the PS4 launch.

7 - Dragon Quest Builders

This time last year I couldn’t have cared less about the Dragon Quest series. Then I received a review copy of Dragon Quest Builders and everything changed. This spin-off was Minecraft exactly how I wanted it - endlessly creative and yet with a sharp focus thanks to a storyline and bite-sized quest structure. Since then I’ve devoured Dragon Quest VII and VIII and I show no signs of stopping. Make no mistake, Dragon Quest Builders is a fantastic game and would be a real asset to PC. Considering Square Enix’s recent moves with Dragon Quest Heroes on PC, a port of DQ Builders very much seems like a case of when not if.

8 - Disgaea 5

Ok, so this one won’t see a release on PC for a good three years yet but it’s sure to be coming eventually. The glacial pace NIS is releasing Disgaea is painful to bear witness to, but slowly but surely the Disgaea titles are arriving, including Disgaea 2 last week. At the current rate of one per year, you can probably expect to see Disgaea 5 launch on PC in early 2020. Gulp.

9 - Danganronpa V3

Depending on who you are, the term visual novel is usual enough to send you giddy with glee or have you screaming for the hills. The Danganronpa series is just about this most perfect introduction to the genre for the latter. It’s a shocking, violent tale of murder, betrayal and good old-fashioned detective work. Oh, and killer teddy bears. Prepare to soak in its bizarreness and you’ll be richly rewarded. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair have both arrived on PC in recent months. Danganronpa V3 is now all but inevitable, Monokuma says hi.

10 - Yakuza Zero

Talking of bizarre, games really don’t get crazier than the Yakuza series. Yakuza Zero is about as Japanese as a game can conceivably get, jam-packed with melodramatic mob storytelling juxtaposed with gloriously wacky side-quests that include winning a chicken named Nugget for scoring a turkey in bowling. He’s fantastic at real estate management by the war. Sega has sadly never seen fit to bring this series to PC but prequel Yakuza Zero seems like the perfect place to start.

10 Console Exclusives Which Will Probably Launch on PC Eventually - Part 1