Chalk this one firmly up as a rumour for now, but the Irish branch of retailer GameStop has just listed Far Cry 5 for release in 2017. Ubisoft has yet to announce Far Cry 5 even exists, yet GameStop seems confident enough in it to slap a November 26, 2017 date on it.

Looking through the list of of GameStops’s ‘PlayStation 4 Software Upcoming Releases’, Far Cry 5 is right there. SG Gaming Info contacted GameStop and reference Far Cry 5’s SKU code in an effort to obtain more information. All they were told is that Far Cry 5 isn’t in stock and they didn’t know when stock was going to be made available.

Looking at the timeline of Far Cry games it would make a great deal of sense if Ubisoft came out with a new title in the series later this year. Far Cry Primal launched roughly a year ago so by then it will have been about 20 months. There was exactly two years between Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4.

All this then raises the question, what direction could Ubisoft be planning to go with Far Cry 5? There was a survey doing the rounds a couple of years back with all sorts of crazy suggestions, including dinosaurs, zombies and aliens. Presumably this is what led us to the Far Cry Primal spin-off, although it would nice to see Ubisoft address the crazier side of the series once more.

On a personal note I’d dread to see Ubisoft stick to the same formula it’s used for the two main outings. We need a more drastic leap between Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 5 or it’s going to feel like we’re retreading the same ground. Far Cry 4 already had a serious case of deja vu, compounded when Ubisoft re-used the same topography for Far Cry Primal.

Whether GameSpot’s listing is the real deal or not, a new Far Cry seems all but inevitable. Where would you like to see Ubisoft take the series next?