A Treasure Hunt Goes Dangerously Wrong in Latest Sea of Thieves Gameplay Trailer

Written by Neil Soutter on Mon, Feb 6, 2017 9:29 AM
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I could watch hours of Rare’s Sea of Thieves and still not know what the hell it’s all about. What I do know is I enjoy watching its nautical goodness. It’s all sea shanties, grog swilling, treasure hunting, ghost vessels and sinking ships. There’s a new gameplay video out showing a full crew heading to the high seas armed with a treasure map and accordions. Before they know it they’re in a pitched sea battle plugging holes in a sinking ship.

I hadn’t realised this but you can see in the video that when a player dies they end up in a ghost ship. This has been described as social hub for dead people and you can actually crew up with your fellow dead and head off on your own adventure.

The more we see of Sea of Thieves the better it looks. There’s something pretty awesome about a whole crew having to work together to manage the ship, all pitching in to keep it afloat. If you can get a good gang together it’s sure to be a good laugh, although it being a first-party title you are going to have deal with the dreaded Windows Store. Fortunately the playerbase will hopefully be shared between Xbox One and PC players.

Sea of Thieves is still on course for a 2017 launch, although we’re still waiting to hear some more details on precisely when.

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