By now I suspect a large number of you have played For Honor and if you haven’t it’s in Open Beta this weekend so there’s no reason not to give it a go. Like you I’ve spent a good few hours slaughtering those pesky chivalrous knights, however it did leave me with a little bit of a conundrum for when the game actually launches - Mouse & keyboard or Gamepad?

The trusty mouse and keyboard is of course a mainstay of PC gaming. The typical keyboard comes with over 100 keys, seemingly making it the ultimate choice for customisation. In theory things which take several button presses to achieve on a gamepad could be mapped to a single key on a keyboard. However the humble keyboard was ultimately designed for typing on rather than killing samurai. It’s certainly functional but I wouldn’t exactly call it the ultimate solution.

Being a third-person action game For Honor isn’t designed to make use of the key advantages of M&KB, notably the greater degree of precision and number of input methods, so it didn’t take long for me to begin to see the weakness in a M&KB setup in For Honor.

Switching up to a gamepad felt a whole lot more natural and certainly made the 1v1 fighting much easier to handle. I could get parries in marginally quicker and I just felt as if I had a little more control. I was sacrificing more precise camera movement yet I find this is seldom an issue anyway in For Honor. One other issue I did find was that dodging with X on the PS4 controller while attempting to manage parries was very tricky; a non-issue on PC.

It’s evident there’s pros and cons to going both keyboard and mouse in For Honor, so which are you going to end up using? And what do you think the high level players will favour? Let us know!

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