Ubisoft has dropped an obscene 14GB update for Watch Dogs 2, adding new areas and generally prepping things for the upcoming DLC. Tucked in amongst all this was something far more interesting however. Ubisoft has tweaked the ending for Watch Dogs 2, adding in a new scene which appears to heavily hint that Watch Dogs 3 will be going across the pond and will be set in rainy old London, England.

Now it goes without saying, the new ending cutscene is inevitably littered with spoilers for those who’ve yet to see the credits roll on Watch Dogs 2. I’ll try and keep it as spoiler-lite as possible while I discuss it below the video.

So the general gist of the new ending is that hacking group DedSec wants to make its impact felt across a larger cross-section of the globe, including cells in the Middle East and Europe, freeing citizens from worldwide authoritarian control.

Towards the end of video an audio clip starts. One of the hacktivists tells the other to “Make the call”. We don’t know what the call is about or who to the call is to, but the audio file is called 51.462014, -0112504.wav. That is a very deliberate string of numbers as they are in fact co-ordinates pointing directly to Brixton, south London. Could Watch Dogs 2 really be set here in Blighty? It would certainly make a change from the typical US cities.

Ordinarily I’d consider clue hunting like this a bit of a fruitless cause but it’s evident Ubisoft Montreal has gone about this very purposefully. The fact this ending wasn’t in there at launch suggests Ubisoft was holding fire until sales of Watch Dogs 2 reached a satisfactory point, at which a sequel could be greenlit. At launch Watch Dogs 2 seriously underperformed, however Ubisoft has said word of mouth has since seen sales increase dramatically. Last week Ubisoft CEO Yyves Guillemot said these figures were important for the "long-term future of the franchise”, and one week later this update drops.

Happy coincidence or killer clue to the location of Watch Dogs 3? Is this something which would get you reinvigorated in the franchise? Let us know!