What appears to be the first ever benchmarks for AMD’s 6-core Ryzen 5 1600X CPU have leaked, showcasing some remarkable figures that go toe-to-toe with Intel’s efforts in terms of IPC as well as multi-threaded performance.

The AMD Ryzen R5 1600X is the flagship hexa-core CPU of the Ryzen family. It comes with six cores and 12 threads, a 16MB L3 Cache, 3.3 GHz Base CLock and 3.7 GHz Boost Clock, with a TDP of 95W. Just like all other Ryzen CPUs, the 1600X has a fully unlocked multiplier for overclocking. It’s priced at $259, which is just a shade more expensive than Intel’s $243 quad-core Intel Core i5-7600K.

The benchmarks in question show the AMD Ryzen 5 1600X being run through CPU-Z’s processor benching utility.

The R5 1600X pulls in 1,888 single-threaded performance and 12,544 multi-threaded. For comparison’s sake, Intel’s 7600K can pull in around 2,100 in single-performance and 8,300 multi-threaded. On this basis you can see AMD’s R5 1600X has some incredible multi-core performance. Taking into account the similar price point to the i5-7600K, AMD is offering somewhere in the region of 50% extra performance for just $15 more.

This puts it not too far behind Intel's Core i7-6900K in terms of pure performance. In fact, AMD's 6-core CPU is faster than any Intel hexa-core out there, at least at stock clock speeds, and not far at all off the $999 8-core Intel i7-5960X (12892).

Again and again Ryzen continues to impress. The big question now is whether AMD can truly deliver on the hype. On the basis of these Ryzen 5 1600X benchmarks that wouldbe a firm yes for now.