Prey's Mimic Matter Skill Lets You Become the Toilet Roll You've Always Wanted to be

Written by Neil Soutter on Fri, Feb 24, 2017 9:26 AM
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If you’ve ever idly dreamed of becoming a pizza box, a mug of tea, or a wet floor sign, as well have, then look no further than Arkane Austin’s Prey. In one of the weirder skills to creep into a game, the player can duplicate pretty much an inanimate object and using it to traverse the environment or sneak around enemies undetected.

Mimic Matter is one of the first alien powers you’ll be able to wield in Prey, and it’s uses can be many and far reaching. When you first acquire the skill you’ll be able to mimic simple, small objects, yet as you level it you can even begin cloning security turrets and other deadly machines.

The BioShock vibes are definitely strong in Prey, although it looks as if Arkane is perhaps prepared to be a little more inventive with its special abilities. We’ve also seen the strange polyfiller goo substance which can be fired out, allowing the player to construct their own pathways to reach new areas. There’s also a few nods to Arkane’s other studio which produced Dishonored 2, both sharing the principle of large, open-plan levels which can be approach from a number of different angles.

The early murmurings coming out of Prey are that Arkane and Bethesda could have something a little special on their hands. We’ll find out for ourselves on May 5th, when Prey launches for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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17:02 Feb-24-2017

Prey 2: Bananas in Space

13:04 Feb-24-2017

".... it's uses can be many and Far Reaching".
Forget Bioshock, those are Dishonored vibes.

12:17 Feb-24-2017

They said you could be anything... So, I became a TOILET ROLL!!!

09:32 Feb-24-2017

can we prey on girls...looks interesting


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