For those after a more affordable Ryzen alternative to the Ryzen 7 lineup revealed earlier this week, there was precious little to get excited about. AMD decided to forge ahead with the flagship chips first, before launching Ryzen 3 and Ryzen 5 CPUs later this year. Fortunately we won’t have too long wait.

AMD has said we can expect the Ryzen 5 six-core CPUs sometime in Q2 2017 (Between April and June), before being followed up by the budget Ryzen 3 in the back half of the year. Ryzen 5 is likely to be timed to launch in or around Computex at the tail end of May.

For most people the $329 price point for the Ryzen 7 1700 is still a little too high, so things should be pretty interesting when the R5 models drop. These vary in price from $175-$259, which is a little more reasonable.

Ryzen 5 CPUs are either 6 cores / 8 threads or 4 cores / 8 threads depending on which you opt for. In terms of gaming performance they’re really not likely to be far off the R7 as they’ve got decent clock speeds and the vast majority of games aren’t well optimised for 8 cores and multithreading.

Ryzen 3 meanwhile promise to be very affordable indeed. The two we know about are the R3 1200X and the R3 1100, priced at $149 and $129 respectively. That’s a lot price point for what promise to be solid quad-core CPUs. The $149 1200X for example comes with a 3.4GHz Base and 3.8 GHz Boost Clock which should prove fantastic for gaming.

Are you jumping in headfirst with Ryzen 7 or are you going to wait for the Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 3 processor launches?

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