We’re barrelling towards Mass Effect Andromeda’s launch at lightspeed right now. In fact, those willing to stump up cash for Origin Access can begin playing BioWare’s latest sci-fi this week. So with Andromeda on its way, what better way to get excited for it than ponder the highs and lows of the original Mass Effect trilogy.

For all the BioWare has done, the Mass Effect trilogy is its magnum opus. An epic sci-fi space opera that really is unparalleled in the world of videogames. What really gave it strong foundations was it being a trilogy by design. The story arc was in place and BioWare wasn’t winging it on the off-chance Mass Effect might get a sequel. It’s unlikely any other games would attempt the same thing in the current climate. What we ended up with was this huge arc from beginning to oh-so-controversial end.

Naturally enough, we all have our favourite Mass Effect games. Heck, some don’t even mind Mass Effect 3’s ending, myself included. Each of them brought something different to the table though.

At the time the original Mass Effect was fantastic, and it laid the groundwork for what was to come. The atmosphere was fantastic and could just feel BioWare building up to something special. It also still had more than a few nods to KOTOR before it went full-blown action.

Mass Effect 2, I suspect, is one of the more popular choices. Without the pressure of starting a story or bringing it to a close, BioWare was free to create one of the deepest choice-driven RPGs everyone. Mass Effect 2 is a strong contender and features some of the best character interaction we’ve ever seen.

Then there’s the thorny issue of Mass Effect 3. The ending is like Marmite, except you either hate it or you don’t really mind. Not many could put their hand on their heart and honest say they loved the curtain closer. Nevertheless Mass Effect 3 most definitely takes the gameplay-is-king crown. This is where all of BioWare’s work in action-RPG mechanics came together to form the most cohesive gameplay experience with frantic battles, split-second decisions and fantastic environments to explore.

So where do you stand in this thorny debate? Which is the best Mass Effect and why? Do you believe Mass Effect Andromeda will top it? Let us know!

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