There’s been a bit of a question mark hanging over how Bethesda and id Software would deliver Quake Champions to PC gamers. Would it be a full-priced title a la DOOM and Overwatch? Or would id seek the largest possible audience and go the free-to-play route? The answer is, well, both. You can either buy the Quake Champions - Champion Pack and get the complete version of the game with all playable Champions, or you can go the Free-to-Play route and have a limited roster of champions to pick from.

Whatever happens, whether you go F2P or full-priced, all additional maps and modes will be totally free; your only real concern is unlocking the Champions (Quake Champion’s version of MOBA Heroes, each with unique powers).

Where things get a little tricky for F2P Quake Champions players is the in-game currency, called ‘Favor’. This can be earned from just playing matches and can be spent on unlocking other Champions for a limited period of time. “I don’t want to use the word rent,” said Tim Willits, creative director. “You do spend favor to have access to them for a limited amount of time, yes. But you don't spend any real money on it.” Admittedly Willits avoiding the term ‘rent’ is laughable. This is a rental system, plain and simple.

Favor can bought with cash, or it can be earned. Willets says “The goal is to minimize that sense of grind that comes in other free-to-play titles. Favor will be easy to earn.” F2P players are free to trade in Favor for other Champions, but they can also buy backpacks which open up DOOM-style Rune Challenges. Complete these and you can potentially reveal new Champions and player-made skins.

It’s an interesting approach, that’s for a sure, giving players. I’m totally averse to any F2P game mechanics so to me I would only play Quake Champions if I could pay a flat sum and gain access to everything, while others would prefer to pay nothing and inject a bit of cash as and when they need it.

Would you rather pay full-price for Quake Champions or go the F2P route? Can you see this method of offering both options becoming a success? Do you agree with a rental system? Let us know!