StarCraft is the game that just won’t die. Not only does it still pack out entire stadiums in South Korea, but there’s also talk of a StarCraft Brood War HD Remaster arriving this very year.

Blizzard is evidently keen to keep StarCraft chugging along in the eSports scene, and it’s fair to say the original StarCraft began to show its age well over a decade ago. It’s getting on for 20 years old now, which is equally impressive as it is frightening.

South Korean site Sports Seoul is reporting Blizzard is preparing to announce a StarCraft: Remaster as soon as next week, dropping a cinematic trailer first before showing us HD gameplay and revised integration in the coming months. The current iteration of StarCraft has no support so it would make a great deal of sense for Blizzard to do this. The core gameplay of the remaster will remain exactly the same as the original.

Initial testers have allegedly already had hands on time time with, including eSports pros, broadcasters and stakeholders. The thinking behind it is surely to give StarCraft: Brood War a shot in the arm after the rise of League of Legends has seen its popularity eclipse the StarCraft scene in South Korea, and even more so in the rest of the world.

All Blizzard had to say on the matter is "We are aware of external rumors about the StarCraft 1 remaster version," remaining typically coy.

Would an HD remake prompt you to get involved with StarCraft once more? Or is the StarCraft eSports scene just a victim of the fading popularity of RTS games? Share your thoughts below!