Those rumours were bang on the money - StarCraft Remastered has just been announced. Blizzard unleashed the remaster of the 19-year-old game during a stream last night, revealing StarCraft Remastered will be with us in all its 4K glory this very summer.

StarCraft Remastered includes the original StarCraft and its Brood War expansion, totally remastering the visuals for 4K displays and recreating 1080p cinematics. It's also joined by new audio design and comic-book-esque story mission interludes.

Aside from this, StarCraft Remastered remains absolutely identical to the game it as before. There's no new units, no gameplay tweaks, not hitbox alterations. It's exactly the same game as you remember, only it should now be a little more palatable for the modern audience.

"Whether players are continuing to play daily in an IGR, coming back after a long time away, or discovering the game that started the war for the Koprulu sector, this is the game the original developers intended you to play", explains senior producer Pete Stilwell. "We decided this was going to be our love letter to the SC diehards."

The aging eSports giant is back, but is the new facelift and integration enough to get you Zerg rushing once more?