We’ve just emerged, battered and bruised, from a gaming tsunami. An avalanche of big hitters having been dropping week after week, meaning we’ve hopefully all been up to our ears in great games. It’s one of the most exciting times to be a gamer that I can remember, so we want to know what gaming goodness you’re tucking into this weekend.

Jon: I’ve got a 3-hour bus ride to London coming up so it can mean only one thing - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild time. No regrets. I’ve clocked up about 40 hours so far and I still feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. I’ve uncovered about a third of the map and done just a single dungeon. Everything I turn there’s something cool and unique to discover, it’s a game which is just constantly surprising me with neat touches. The scary part is that it’s an unbelievably good game but it’s also easy to pick out flaws. Sort these problems out for a sequel and Nintendo has an absolute monster on its hands.

Once I get back it’s time for a combo of Rainbow Six Siege and Snake Pass in the evenings. A bit of an odd pairing, sure, but I’m hoping David Wise’s music can soothe me after a 4-0 thumping and popping off a 90-ft headshot can do likewise after I’ve had enough of snake wrangling. I got sent a code to Snake Pass and I’ve put a bit of time in already. My early fear has borne fruit though - controlling a snake is like playing Octodad, but instead of comedy mishaps it's agonizing falls. I’m hoping there ends up being a touch more mastery to proceedings. Look out for my thoughts on that soon.

Felix: Really enjoyed playing Horizon: Zero Dawn, the mechanical dinosaur hunting Far Cry-a-like. It has a good enough story of discovery set in the far future, where the world has reverted to a primitive level of society. It definitely reminds me of Far Cry: Primal, but better. The ancient tech has somehow manufactured giant mechanical copies of dinosaurs that wander the overgrown wilds. Developing or buying better equipment, you arm yourself and learn ways of taking the various beasts down. And this is a great deal of fun. Crawling into bushes, studying your prey's route, then setting electrified trip wires to stun them in their tracks. You can follow up with a tethering lasso that pins them down for a time and so on. Well worth a look, I played this on the PS4.

Other than that I have been enjoying the free Bretonian DLC for Total War: Warhammer. Basically this casts you as a slightly more French version of the human Empire faction. But it is laced with King Arthur and the knights of the round table legends. Your objective is to unite the lands of Bretonia under one rulership while fending off the Beastmen and Elves and other surrounding human lands. Diplomacy seems to be your major power, as you sway the other races to trade and ally with you. You also have a limited number of slots for your foot soldiers, as they are taken from your farming lands. So I advise using that quota for your archers, and otherwise fill your ranks with the powerful knights and the occasional trebuchet.

Shaheryar: This weekend is certainly going to be busy for me. At one side I have a University Entry test and at the other end I have my college farewell dinner. Awesome at one end, hectic at the other.

In the midst of all that, I am going to awaken my love for The Walking Dead: The New Frontier by fiddling around with Episode 3. I have been keeping a lot of restraint by not reading reviews and I want to give it a fresh start. I’ll start over from Episode 1 and relive the entire story and then go back in again with different choices this time and see how much of a plot twist there is. Afterwards, I’ll cry a river because there is no Episode 4 and 5 for me to play….

Squee: Well, it’s deep space for me. Bazillions of miles from home, I’ll be drifting aimlessly through the Andromeda galaxy, trying to remember what I was supposed to be doing. And when I’m done with that, I might play a little Mass Effect! Ah, the old ones are the best. Currently, I’ve accidentally initiated a romance storyline I didn’t really mean to, so now I need to see if it’s a clever enough game for there to be options for me to awkwardly extricate myself from this situation, telling the object of my accidental affections that I hope we can still be friends, and I hope this isn’t in any way going to be awkward what with me being captain of a very small crew of people in a cramped starship for weeks on end. It’ll all probably work out fine.

Divayth: It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to do anything game-related. 3 months ago I finished the Mass effect trilogy (again) to get in the right mindset for Andromeda. Because I had time to kill between then and now, I’ve tried having a stab at games that are sat in my library unfinished for ages. Assassin’s Creed series, Batman series and Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor, off the top of my head. All games I started playing once but gave up on.

At the risk of ending up flogged, I’m ashamed to admit I have to add the Witcher 3 to that list as well. Never got past Novigrad in my first go almost 2 years back now. Until recently that is, because 2 weeks ago, during one of my weekly staring contests with my computer screen, and about to be losing once again, I decided to just start over and play nothing else from then on. And by Jove is it worth it! So that’s what I’ll continue to play this weekend. The Andromeda Galaxy will still be there whenever I finish my business in the Northern Kingdoms!

That's our plans, but what about yours? What gaming delights are you partaking in this fine weekend? Let us know!