Quake Champions
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We’ve had plenty of teasers of Quake Champions, Id Software’s upcoming rebirth of its classic arena shooter, but we’ve had precious little gameplay to feast on. Now id has released what it likes to call raw footage, showing two minutes of uncut action from its hyper-kinetic action. Evidently whoever was playing is mighty proud of their kill streak and just wanted to show off.

At some point I have to just stand and salute the work they’re doing at id Software and Bethesda, single-handedly reinvigorating shooter classic after shooter classic. It’s not easy either, as we’ve seen id themselves trip over with DOOM 3 and Quake 4. You need to strike a fine balance between blissful nostalgia and modern expectations. Quake Champions looks to lean more to the former at first glance, really narrowing in the fast-paced arena-based gameplay which made Quake 3 so beloved. It of course means realism is thrown right out the window. You can run backwards as fast as you can run forwards, while constant bunny-hopping and lightning quick reactions are the key to success.

It was a concern at one point that id Software going down the hero shooter route could upset the balance somewhat, but from the gameplay footage it doesn’t appear as if class specific abilities are going to have a major impact on gameplay. Speaking of which, we’ve also got a trailer for a new champion, the rollerblading Slash, a drugged-up goth whose special ability is a poisonous Plasma Trail which can be left in her wake.

The first round of Quake Champion beta invites have also just been sent out, so keep an eye on your inbox if you've registered your interest. If there's no sign of one yet, fret not, id will be periodically sending out additional invites in waves.