Here in the UK we’ve got a 4-day weekend coming up, meaning twice the gaming goodness. Fringe benefits include overpriced chocolate eggs. Right on cue SEGA has also released a budget PC port of the original Bayonetta, a bona fide gaming classic which we can finally sink our teeth into. The timing could hardly have been better.

Jon: I’ve got four days lined up, and it’s going to be a combination of chilling in the garden in the blazing sunshine (please, please, please) and getting my game on. With any luck I can finally put Zelda: Breath of the Wild to rest, and then my attention is probably going to turn to the recently release Bayonetta port on PC. I tried playing it on PS3 a good few years back, however the frame rate made it unplayable so I shelved it. All I can remember of it is lots of hair and gratuitous crotch shots galore. Now it’s time to throw a GTX 980 Ti at it and see how good it can really be.

I’m probably also going to fire up Elder Scrolls Online seeing as the free trial will be running. It should be a great opportunity to check it out with packed servers and see how it’s changed in the three years since launch. It should mean I can back around to my usual moans about the Elder Scrolls nonsensically dense lore, usually tied into unpronounceable names with an overuse of apostrophes that’s tantamount to war crimes.

Squee: Here outside the UK, it’s not a four-day weekend! At least, not for me. The joys of being part of a global website, eh? Nevertheless, the march of gaming wonderfulness continues apace, and there is no time to rest. I might look back in on Mass Effect: Andromeda at some point, although most of my weekend will probably be spent trying to get to grips with the beta of Steel Division: Normandy ‘44. I’ve played all of Eugen’s and have a deep interest in WW2 western front history, so I am the perfect person to play this game!

Or so you’d think. Basically, it’s currently an exercise in embarrassment as the Wehrmacht repeatedly feeds me blitzkrieg sandwiches smothered in asskick mustard. There must be a simple formula I’m missing… or perhaps I really am just this bad.

Divayth: My somewhat belated adventure with our cat-eyed mutant friend is soon coming to a close. While the Wild Hunt and Hearts of Stone already seem like a distant memory, I now have all but concluded my business in Toussaint, meaning that one of these days I’m going to have to bid the White Wolf farewell.

On a brighter note this also means I get to pick a new story to throw myself in. I’m open to suggestion about this. I’ve distilled the possibilities to the two most likely, yet very different, choices. Either I tear myself away from keyboard and mouse and venture six-feet further to the sofa and television for PS4’s Horizon Zero Dawn, or I prevent some other occupant in my house from deforming the ass-print in my chair at my PC by exploring deep-space in Mass Effect Andromeda.

The Game-Debate community has always been helpful to me and my petty problems, and I call upon you again for this latest dilemma of mine!

Over to the rest of GD then, what are your gaming plans for this weekend? Whether you're getting stuck in to a weekend of the latest and greatest multiplayer gaming, or finally finding time to finish off Planescape Torment, let us know what you're up to below!