While everybody here on Game Debate has one key thing in common (we all love video games), we all also have wildly differing views on just what types of games we can enjoy. New genres are springing up all the time, while old favourites have been given new leases of life thanks to the thriving indie scene.

We’ve now got so many genres of game, covering all types of interests, that saying you outright dislike all games is akin to saying you’ve never watched a movie you’ve enjoyed. It’s not just gung-ho shooting and boss battling.There’s literally something for everyone, whether it be a visual novel about dating pigeons, or a scarily accurate simulation of being a car mechanic.

Naturally enough, we all gravitate towards our favourites, and there are some genres which are capable of pulling us back in, time and time again. For me it has to be adventure games in any shop or form, and I’m seldom happier than when I’m idly clicking a screen, trying to pick apart clues.

So in the interests of knowing which is the most beloved to GD’ers, I thought we could open the floor up and have a vote, letting you have your say on what you think is the best, most diverse genre around.

For the sake of simplicity, and so you don’t have an absolute army of choice, I’m going to keep the poll limited to the super genres rather than breaking them down into the specifics. For example, visual novels, graphic adventures and text adventures will all come under the umbrella of Adventure, and stealth games and third-person shooters will fall into the Action category. Apologies if I miss any major ones out, but hopefully your favourite genre is covered here. If you don’t believe it is, just vote for Other and let me know in the comments section below.

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